How to Increase Visibility for Your Blog Content

Blog content – whether old or new – has the potential to build awareness for your brand, educate customers looking for information, and even position your organization as the go-to for your industry.

You probably know of at least one website you visit regularly for the blog content alone. Maybe it’s a food blog with lots of healthy recipes, a fitness site with articles about training, or a gaming website with blogs full of helpful tips and tricks. Do you remember how you first discovered it?

These days, it takes more than simply publishing a blog to your website and moving on with your day. To get in front of readers who truly connect with your content, you need to learn how to increase visibility for your blogs. Here’s how to do it.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Visibility   

When people visit search engines, they’re looking for information. Your blog posts can be the information they’re seeking in that very moment, but it must be ranking well in search engines for people to find it. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing content to tell search engines what the content is about and increase its visibility for relevant search queries.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

With internet users worldwide spending nearly 2.5 hours per day on social media, brands have an opportunity to get in front of users with high-quality blog content.  Whether you promote it within the regular social media feeds, or the time-sensitive Stories features, be sure to link back to the blog post on your website. Hashtags can help users find your content, too, if they’re searching on specific topics or keywords.

Pay for Visibility with PPC

There’s also no shame in putting money behind your blog content with paid advertising, or PPC. You’ll probably want to be somewhat judicious in selecting which blogs you pay to promote, but PPC can help you increase visibility for your blog content quickly and to relevant audiences.

Leverage Email Marketing

If your organization uses email marketing, you can easily leverage this channel to get more traction for your blog content. Consider including your latest posts in your monthly communications, or – if you segment your email lists – select blog content that is most relevant.

Publish Blog Content on Other Sites

Sometimes, even when you’re promoting your blogs on search engines and social media, the right audience still won’t find you. To bridge that gap, you can also consider publishing your blogs on third-party sites like LinkedIn and Medium, for example. While it doesn’t necessarily drive readers to your website, you can still create a link back to the original blog post (and you should) to give credit to your site.

What are some other ways you’ve seen blog content shared across the internet? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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