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Here are some of the latest headlines on digital marketing insights, search, and ecommerce:

Google Ads API version 16 is launching

The updated Google Ads offers new capabilities and features to help track campaign performance more efficiently.

Instagram expands Creator Marketplace to help brands find creators for ads

The feature will be introduced to eight new markets in the coming weeks.

Google Ads’ ‘pushes’ Performance Max with new Call To Action

When setting up a new campaign in Google Ads, you may notice that the PMax card is not only bigger but also has a new 'recently used' label.

Google Analytics 4 updates Advertising workspace to simplify reporting

GA4 is introducing two dedicated spaces – one for marketers to track and analyze campaigns, and another for behavioral insights.

Google announces Performance Max updates – including Gemini integration

Advertisers can use the new features to enhance the quality of ad creatives and improve the optimization.

Report: Reddit signs AI content licensing deal with Google

Reddit's Google Search visibility has exploded in recent months. Now the companies have struck a content licensing deal. Coincidence?

Link building in 2024: 12 ways to win or fail

Navigate the dos and don'ts of link building today. Maximize your website's potential with effective backlinking practices.

Location targeting in Google Ads: Balancing automation and control

Learn when to let Google's algorithms determine location targeting vs. setting specific geo-targets based on key considerations.

Pinterest launches cooking series with shoppable experience

Viewers of the six-part show can use an on-screen QR code to access a Pinterest board featuring shoppable Pins.

What should Google rank in Search when all the content sucks?

It's always easy to blame Google when your content doesn't rank. But maybe – just maybe – the problem isn't Google. It's you.

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