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Here are some of the latest headlines on digital marketing insights, search, and ecommerce:

Google Merchant Center Next rollout expands

Rollout expands to all accounts, offering a revamped interface and new features, but early adopters report challenges with the platform.

Survey: Search marketing gender pay gap is widening

Men earn an average of $130,000 while women earn an average of $95,000, according to Search Engine Land's 2024 Salary and Career Survey.

Google tightens AdMob policies, reshaping ad placement rules

Ads will be restricted in private communications and personalized advertising rules will be refined, reshaping user targeting.

5 ways to incorporate trends into your SEO content strategy

Learn how to integrate trends into your SEO content strategy for improved brand awareness and search performance.

The Kanban approach to efficient PPC campaign management

Here’s how Kanban boards can transform your workflow, enhance organization and help you effortlessly track progress.

How to address the top reputation issues impacting brands today

Learn why traditional SEO tactics fail in modern reputation management and how to address brand perception and crisis communication issues.

The rise of personalization in ecommerce: 2024 consumer insights by Wunderkind

Every marketer does “personalization” but to really do it right, you have to listen to what consumers and your customers say they want.

Apple revamps App Store search layout, emphasizing ads and suggestions

Apple's App Store search redesign puts ads front and center, potentially boosting visibility for advertisers.

Meta expands overlay ads to Instagram Reels

Meta is offering advertisers new ways to reach engaged audiences with banner-style ads during short-form video playback on Instagram Reels.

Google ending Notes on Search by end of the month

Google launched Notes in Search 8 months ago as a labs experiment - that experiment ends today.

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