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Here are some of the latest headlines on digital marketing insights, search, and ecommerce:

TikTok testing virtual influencers for video ads

AI-powered virtual influencers will be able to compete with real human influencers for profitable advertising deals on TikTok.

Chase launches first bank-led media network

The new Chase Media Solutions boasts 80 million financial customers for brands to send special offers to.

The latest jobs in search marketing

Land your next job in SEO or PPC. These brands and agencies are hiring to fill open search marketing positions right now.

How advertisers can capitalize on vertical video

Explore the rise of vertical video ads on TikTok, Instagram and Shorts and how AI and content variation can drive optimal campaign results.

How the Google-Reddit partnership impacts brand management

Dive into the impact of the Google-Reddit content licensing deal on brand perception and engagement, plus tips for managing reputation risks.

Google structured data carousels (beta) clarified for summary pages

Google also added the feature availability for this carousel beta.

Google CEO on the evolution of Search and SGE

Sundar Pichai believes Google can provide AI-generated answers while also helping users navigate to websites for information.

TikTok launches enhanced ad placement controls

Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity controls have been rolled out to give brands more say over where their ads appear.

Google testing People Also Consider label on branded search ads

Advertisers are concerned that Google is planning to force brands into entering competitor ad auctions.

The Performance Max playbook: Best practices and emerging tactics for 2024

Strategies for running Performance Max campaigns in 2024, covering campaign structure, creative, budgeting and conversion tracking.

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