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Here are some of the latest headlines on digital marketing insights, search, and ecommerce:

Head of Google Search: AI mistakes won’t prevent progress

Google won't hold back AI Search features because of 'occasional problems,' according to Liz Reid.

Why video is key to building brand identity and engagement

Learn the value of building your brand through video, with tips on content types, production strategies and more.

Agile SEO: A playbook for online brand management

Discover how agile project management can revolutionize your SEO strategy and boost your online brand presence.

Google Analytics fixes paid search attribution

An update to attribution models in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will more accurately credit paid search campaigns for driving conversions.

YouTube embeds ads into videos to beat ad blockers

Embedding YouTube ads directly into video streams makes them indistinguishable from content, neutralizing ad blockers.

AI analysis of 8,000 top YouTube Ads reveals key trends for brands

These leading brands are winning by spotlighting underrepresented voices, celebrating individuality, sparking wonder and more.

Reddit adds third-party verification for advertisers

This partnership with ad measurement firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) will give advertisers third-party validation for campaign delivery.

What to do if you lose your SEO job: The emergency handbook

Lost your SEO job? Don’t panic. Here are proven strategies for quickly landing your next position or building a freelance business.

PPC client kickoff: Strategies for a successful first encounter

Starting a new client partnership? Follow these steps to absolutely nail the critical kickoff meeting from preparation to follow-up.

Google’s auto-pause for idle keywords: overreach or overdue?

Google's plan to automatically pause keywords in advertisers' accounts after 13 months of no engagement has been met with mixed reactions.

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