Digital marketing for digital health

Health technology and digital investment have grown rapidly over the past decade and with it a shift from volume-based care to value-based personal care

There is a growing demand for independent and healthy living. Consumers want access to quality information, healthcare appointments, and tech solutions. They are seeking convenience and flexibility which helps save them time and money by reducing visits to healthcare centers and hospitals. This trend has been increased by the pandemic, with consumer demand for online items that were until recently only possible in person.

The Health industry along with some exciting startups have responded to this demand. There are now thousands of online providers all competing for market share.

Reaching your market

It is important to get your marketing right, to secure your place in this very competitive market by creating a targeted approach using content that engages customers. Then following up with analytics to help build customer loyalty. This can be included alongside existing patient monitoring services for various medical conditions. 

Saving money

Digital Marketing can also be more cost-effective and could half your advertising cost in comparison with print or TV ads. Searches include a broad variety of terms including medicine, health and wellness tips, disease symptoms, diet tips, and much more. 


There are many; so it can be difficult to choose which ones are right for your business. You can increase your chances of becoming visible on Google’s first page with effective marketing and Search Engine Optimization for example.

Social media platforms like Facebook could be an obvious choice for driving traffic to your website. Yet YouTube ads could be better suited to raising brand awareness. It is important to invest time and resources to understand your specific audience.

In the long run, consumer engagement, experience, and brand reputation are some of the most crucial factors for a successful marketing strategy; so you want to get it right.  Digital marketing helps you establish an online presence that allows you to reach out to a wider audience. 

RSO here to Help

So whether you’re focused on medicine, health management, disease prevention, treatment, personalized care, or innovation, the industry is growing at a pace. Digital marketing is the most flexible and reliable strategy to grow your business whether locally or globally. At RSO we understand and can help; so contact us now to find out how.

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