Time to Tok: Developing a Tiktok Growth Strategy

In 2020, several social media platforms took off with Clubhouse being a place to gather and chatter and Tiktok being the space for dance jams and viral food videos. It's 2021 and TikTok's star is only continuing to rise—now is the time to learn how to create a Tiktok account and also develop a TikTok growth strategy. Your customers can't wait.

Whatever industry you are in, there is still time to dominate on TikTok and reach new customers while building authentic community. We've talked here before about considering the different sides of Tiktok when it comes to determining what to post. Instagram Reels tried to capture that particular posting aesthetic as did Facebook, and Youtube. TikTok draws its own devotees and this week they surpassed 1 billion users. It's a good idea to consider that while it is a darling of a younger demographic, Gen Z and other age groups find its approach of amateur music videos entertaining too. So are you on the app? What is your posting strategy?

Getting Started: Beyond How to Create an Account on TikTok

A few things to note if you're new to the app—it's mobile-based and the video footage like Instagram and Pinterest Idea Pins are vertical in orientation. In the beginning, videos capped at 15 seconds but earlier this summer, the app lengthened the overall run time to 3 minutes per video. Just like other platforms, there are hashtags (and a hashtag research strategy is always a good idea to maximize your reach and specify the content for discoverability).

TikTok Growth Strategy: Ideas to Put into Practice

This past week at Latercon, brought by social media scheduler, Later, fashion brand Kate Hewko talked about how they tested footage involving employees of different ages to see which face and personality stands out to their audience and those scrolling. It might be of interest for you to learn that an employee in her 60s is the star and scroll-stopper with a recent video garnering 22,000 views. Hewko's insight: try different things until you land on what resonates with your people.

Just like other social media platforms, the first thing to implement in a TikTok growth strategy is literally to show up. Consistency of posting cues users and is used by the algorithm. If you don't know yet what your aesthetic is or what kinds of videos to share, research companies whose content resonates with you and work out the why behind what you like. Pull together a week or two of content ideas to try out and see what kind of results you garner, building future content around what does well. Plus, TikTok's recent addition of a scheduler helps users plan ahead and keep creating.

That may sound passe and as if it applies to all the other social media accounts, but don't overthink it. One reason TikTok stands out among the pack is the intent of not overly produced or perfect footage. It's leaning into a moment where people want to see other people, find ideas, and be entertained, but not be sold. Trends are huge on TikTok whether it's a particular song that video creators are using that is of the moment or as an example, a particular recipe hack (like the feta tomato pasta or the tortilla hack) that lights up users to share their version. Hiring influencers who excel on the platform is another way to get the right eyeballs to your fledgling account too.

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