3 Horrifying SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Your Organic Search Strategy

Nothing is scarier than organic search reports with significant declines in rankings and traffic. Luckily, you can try to avoid these shocking scenarios by addressing these basic SEO mistakes.

Whether you’re planning your organic search strategy or refining one for next year, here are the three mishaps that can impact your SEO performance.

Don’t Be Tricked by These SEO Mistakes

While there are many, many factors that affect organic search rankings (some we know of, some we don’t), these are some of the usual pitfalls when it comes to search engine optimization.

  1. Meta title and meta description errors. Every single page on your website should have unique meta title and meta description tags. Duplicate tags, or pages that have the same tags, are some of the more common SEO mistakes committed by websites, and one of the typical issues that come up on technical website audits. Why do you need unique tags? Because they help search engines better understand your content, which then helps your pages rank higher for relevant search queries.

  2. Pages load too slowly. When your website pages load too slowly, it can impact organic search performance. Google’s Page Experience Update back in 2020 dictated that page speed was, in fact, a major factor in how it ranks website pages. This is simply because the user experience remains paramount to search engines, and users are far more likely to leave a website that loads at a snail’s pace.

  3. No analytics available. Aside from the tags and page speed mistakes, your SEO strategy needs to include analytics. This is the only way to gather important metrics like traffic volume, clickthrough rates, and how long visitors stay on your website. Having access to this information is critical to organic search success because it gives you insight into what is working and what is not, which helps you make decisions down the road.

Treat Yourself to a Full View of Your SEO

Now that you know a few mistakes to avoid in your organic search strategy, you may be wondering about additional ways to improve performance. Reach out for a free digital marketing consultation with our team of SEO experts.

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