Pinterest & Your Social Media Strategy

Ever since we discussed how social signals would affect SEO in 2013, we have seen the “proof in the pudding” as companies with a developed social media strategy have blown past competitors in search engine rankings.

Besides the heavy hitters like Facebook and Twitter, one social media platform really captured our attention in the last month: Pinterest.

According to a June 2013 study, Pinterest – made popular through its sharing and discovering functionality – had more than 70 million users.

Seventy-nine percent of Pinterest users who pinned, repinned or liked were from the United States.

Even more interesting is the fact that only about half a million (of the 70 million) user accounts belong to businesses.

As specialists in social media strategy, we view Pinterest as an underutilized tool that many companies should jump on – especially with the competition among business accounts at a low and user accounts at an all-time high.

Getting Started with Pinterest

As an image-driven social media site, Pinterest allows you to build your strategy around visual communication.

That means you can create a video to show how your services work or assemble photos that demonstrate a finished product. You will start to learn about your audience’s interests through their response and engagement with your posts.

To increase your number of Pinterest followers, you should make it a part of your social media strategy to include the Pinterest icon on all of your other social media platforms and your website. That way, visitors from other sites can easily link to your Pinterest account and start interacting with your company.

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