Tips for Organic Instagram Growth

When you bring your business to Instagram it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game. How many likes are we getting? How many followers do we have? While these metrics are important when it comes to social media marketing, try not to let it get you down. A large engaged following doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on what industry you’re in and how large the audience is on social media, it can take anywhere from months to years to build up a following in the thousands. 

Not only does organic Instagram growth take time, it takes work. Here are a few things you can do to build your following: 

Stay Active

This may seem obvious, but it is crucial that you stay active at all times in order to consistently gain followers. People follow accounts that regularly post content they’re interested in because they want to be entertained. According to Hootsuite, 63% of users check their instagram at least once a day, and on average businesses post to their story 2.5 times a week. 

Engage with Users

Engaging with your current audience is key for retaining your following, but you're not limited to them. When it comes to building a following on your business’s Instagram, it’s ok to talk to strangers; it’s actually encouraged! This means following users who follow accounts or hashtags related to your brand, or liking and commenting on their pictures. Another great way to spark engagement is with a giveaway. A bit less organic, but it is effective.

Partner with Influencers 

While influencer marketing tends to fall under the category of paid social, there is a way to partner with influencers organically and that’s through engagement. Find smaller influencers who will be more willing to partner for free. If you’re willing to stray from organic without breaking the bank, think about offering influencers your product for free and in return they can review it. It’s a bit risky as they could give a bad review, but if they give a good one it’s more than worth it. 

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