Why We’re Using LinkedIn Collaborative Articles to Boost Off-Page SEO

Have you checked out LinkedIn’s relatively new Collaborative Articles yet? It’s an exciting addition to the social platform for professionals, bringing advice from experts across industries to the forefront.

And they’re not only standing out for their collaborative nature; these articles have become the fastest-growing traffic driver on the platform, according to LinkedIn’s Director of Product Management.

As Collaborative Articles attract more attention, it makes sense to consider them as part of an overall off-page SEO strategy. Here’s why we’re using them for some clients:

  • Awareness. If we have a client looking to build awareness online, and they’re comfortable with contributing to these articles, then it can be an excellent way to build awareness for a business by starting at the individual level. Because the individual’s contacts receive notifications any time they contribute to an article, it increases the reach of their response and amplifies awareness for their profile and the brand they represent.

  • Reach. Once someone reads a contribution, they can react to it with the Like button (which pulls up the other usual LinkedIn responses you’re familiar with: hands clapping, hearts, idea lightbulb, and even laughing hysterically). The more reactions a contribution receives, the higher it climbs among other similar contributions and the more attention it gains. Also, LinkedIn does one better by sending notifications to members who would benefit from the information an individual provides—every time they contribute to an article.

  • Authority. Once an individual demonstrates their expertise and skills in a certain area by contributing to enough articles, they can earn a Top Voices badge that shows up on their profile and next to their name any time they share information on a Collaborative Article. Badges give readers confidence in the individual’s expertise and what they have to say on various topics of interest, which bodes well for improving off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is an important component of Search Engine Optimization (read about the differences between off-page and on-page SEO). It supports your organic search goals by creating awareness around your business and then leading potential customers to your website. Of course, there are plenty of other off-page techniques to boost search performance aside from Collaborative Articles.

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