3 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Search Performance

You know how you’re more likely to trust recommendations from your family and friends? Off-page SEO is kind of like that, where Google and other search engines view links from credible third-party websites to your website as votes of confidence.

It doesn’t stop there. Google views these external links as one of the most important SEO ranking factors. Links have sway and influence over how well your website performs in search results if they come from high-quality domains relevant to your website.

To help you boost search performance, here are some off-page SEO techniques you can incorporate into your search marketing strategies.

Valuable Off-page SEO Techniques for Your Website

  1. Link building

    Link building is a powerful off-page SEO strategy because it directly links your website with the heft and influence of other important websites (read: sites with high domain authority and stature). Any links    coming from these domains to your own lends a little bit of that muscle to help boost your own rankings in search engines.There are a few options when it comes to link building:

    • Publish content on sites that consistently have high-ranking content in search results, such as Medium and Quora, with links back to your content. When someone searches for a certain query, your content on these third-party sites may just display on Google. Once someone reads your content, they may also click through to your website. If you want to syndicate existing content, here’s how to publish blog content on other sites.

    • Review sites that are linking to you already. You can do this through SEO tools like MOZ or SEMRush, where you will find a list of referring domains. If you find high-quality sites that are currently linking back to your content, chances are you can ask them to link to some of your other content. It’s also a good idea to review these links on occasion to filter out any links from spammy, low-quality sites.

  2. Social media

    Social media is an easy off-page SEO technique you can start right away. Plus, social media sites have very high domain authority, so any links coming from these platforms back to you site carry respectable influence. Simply create content with links back to relevant pages on your site to drive traffic and signal to search engines your content matters.

  3. Guest posting

    Guest posting means you write a blog as a guest on another website. Presumably, you’ll want this site to be relevant to your own. You can simply research which sites allow guest blogging and then reach out to see how you can publish content there. Be sure to add links back to your own website within your blog, so you can reap the benefits of this off-page SEO approach.

While these are not the only opportunities to pursue off-page SEO, they provide a great starting point to help you boost search performance for your website. Try one to see how it goes, and then add another technique when you’re ready.

Read more about on-page and off-page SEO to ensure you’re paying attention to all the ways you can boost your website’s performance in search.

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