Google Discovery Ads: What You Need to Know

If you’re eager to find a competitive advantage in paid advertising, this may be your time. Google Discovery Ads have arrived with some intriguing benefits and opportunities.

But first, if you’re thinking this is just another ad opportunity among many, then let me assure you this one deserves attention. Unlike search ads or display ads that are targeted by keywords, Discovery ads are targeted by audiences – expanding your reach to a larger pool of potential followers or buyers.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Google Discovery ads.

What are Google Discovery ads?

Google Discovery ads are visually rich ads that appear on the YouTube app, the Google app, and the Gmail app. They can display as a single image or a carousel of images, helping advertisers get products and services discovered by potential audiences.

This ad type leverages machine learning to better focus on a user’s intent, helping Google serve your ad at the best moment based on user signals.

Discovery ads are best positioned for these performance goals:

  • Brand awareness – Drive interest from new customers when they’re open to trying new brands

  • Drive conversions – Increase website visits, newsletter signups, or sales

  • Remarketing – Reconnect with customers who already know and trust your brand

The Benefits of Google Discovery Ads

When you activate a Discovery campaign, you enable your brand or business to expand its reach to larger audiences and achieve performance goals. According to Google, here are a few of the important benefits you’ll experience with Discovery ads:

  • Reach more of Google with a single ad campaign

  • Drive engagement with richer, more relevant ads

  • Visually rich ads rendered natively across Google properties at scale

  • Automated bidding options to meet your media performance goals

Other Helpful Tidbits about Discovery Ads

While this new ad type presents marketers with yet another exciting tool, it also comes with a few differentiating qualities that are important to note:

  • Google gives you the opportunity to choose which audiences you want, including remarketing, detailed demographics, in-market audiences, life events, and affinity and custom intent.

  • Google Discovery ads have limited campaign settings. You cannot adjust manual bid strategies, contextual targeting, placement targeting, device targeting, ad rotation, frequency capping, or delivery method.

  • The Discover feed in the Google App is unavailable to consumers in Germany, Australia, and France. So, if you plan to target those countries, your ads will be limited to the YouTube home feed and the Gmail feed.

Are the new Discovery ads right for your business?

If you want to ensure this new Google ad type aligns with your paid advertising objectives, reach out to our team. We are Google Ads certified and ready to help you make the most of your online efforts.

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