Google Ads & Analytics Data Discrepancies

Are you missing valuable user data in Google Ads and Analytics since implementing a consent management platform, or CMP, on your website?

Wondering what you can do to mitigate some of that loss while adhering to your cookie policy?

You’re not alone.

A sampling of data from our own clients reveals data discrepancies in Google Ads and Analytics ranging from 20 to 50 percent for websites using CMPs. No small potatoes.

Yet, we know consent is essential for doing business online, especially if your website serves users from the EU, California, and other states with strict privacy regulations. GDPR, CCPA and CPRA, and other laws either require websites to get users’ consent for cookies or opt-out of them automatically.

We also know that no matter how liberal or conservative the cookie policy, missing data is a fact of digital life.

What you can do about data discrepancy in Google Ads and Analytics

Thankfully, there is a quick change that can help.

For example, you can set up your CMP to auto opt-out of cookies only where required by law. If you divide out your cookie policy by state, only users in states or countries with regulations will not be given a choice to opt-out. This gives all your other users the option to accept some or all cookies on your website and gives you the chance to gather more data while reducing discrepancies.

And, if you just want to feel a little better about your situation, even one of Google’s own properties shows missing data when comparing GA4 to Google Ads:

Google Ads vs. GA4: The case of the missing data. (You can view the Google demo account here.)

Get help with missing data

If you’ve been experiencing issues like the ones described above, then give us a shout. We are happy to help you analyze the root of the problem and discuss solutions to help you recover as much information as possible.

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