5 Types of Social Video to Engage Your Audience

Social media videos are must-have content for brands seeking higher engagement from audiences. Not only do they boost awareness and lead generation, but marketers also report videos on social media help increase traffic to their websites. The benefits of using video content are well-documented, but it’s knowing what types of social video will engage viewers and move them to take action that creates the ultimate impact for businesses.

Here are a few types of video content you can try with your own social media communities.

Social Video Types for Maximum Engagement

Promotional Videos

It turns out, consumers are most interested in social media posts about discounts or sales. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Promotional videos are an effective way to capture your audience’s attention and communicate your special offers or limited-time deals. And did you know, 64 percent of consumers purchase a product after watching social videos from brands!

Here is an amazing example of a promotional video from Breeo, a brand that sells smokeless fire pits. They published a short clip highlighting their holiday promo:

How-to or Tutorial Videos

When it comes to social media, 59 percent of consumers are looking for posts that teach them something. How-to or tutorial videos serve up this content in a way that’s easily accessible and easy-to-follow. Think about it, would you rather watch someone show you how to do something or follow a list of written steps?

This is also a type of social video that accomplishes two tasks at once: teaching something and selling something. The overarching goal of a how-to video is to explain a certain process or approach, but what it does at the same time is position a product or service as a solution – and that’s what really engages viewers.

Watch how Ties.com uses YouTube to demonstrate how to tie a tie (using its own products, of course):

Product Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos are an excellent strategy if you have a product or service that needs more explanation than you can give in just words and images. By showing the product features and highlights, you can show viewers a solution to their challenges or convince them your product stands out from others like it.

Le Creuset uses a product demonstration video to show how versatile their main product line can be. A demo video is a great solution for showing viewers why they should consider these products:

User-Generated Videos

User-generated content, or UGC, is highly influential when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. That’s because viewers trust the reviews and recommendations of other customers. They are more likely to buy a product or service.

Social videos featuring your own customers showing off your products or services, or even giving a video review of them, can go a long way in turning curious consumers into real customers.

Philz Coffee has a great showing in this customer’s UGC video:

Interview or Q&A Videos

Nothing will stop your viewers in their tracks (or their scrolling) faster than an interview video with a celebrity, influencer, or well-known industry leader. Whether you feature a thought leader in your space or a Q&A with your CEO, this type of social video gives you an opportunity to establish your business as the go-to for your audience.

Search Engine Journal often serves up interview videos with SEO heavy-hitters:

Do More with Your Videos

To see how you can get more mileage from your social videos, check out these 5 ways to reuse video content in your other marketing channels.

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