Web Analytics Services

Discover customer insights with in-depth digital marketing and website analytics

Our web analytics services give our clients an easy way to understand their website’s behavior and gain insight into the performance and problem areas to maximize their goals.

Web analytics revolves around the practice of gathering, evaluating, and reporting relevant website data. This data lends insight into user behavior through helpful metrics and reveals how well your digital marketing campaigns and web pages are performing.

Executing and managing digital marketing campaigns can be challenging enough. But understanding how the campaign traffic is performing is key to making smarter decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars as well as improving your website’s performance.

Data is a valuable commodity for improving website performance. Whether your site is lead generation or e-commerce, our methodology will leverage the appropriate tools to assist you in achieving your objectives.

  • Defining KPIs and engagement metrics
  • Attribution modeling
  • Enabling the full marketing funnel
  • Technical issues (ex. page load) that impact performance
  • Segmenting and filtering key data points
  • A/B Testing (pages, ad copy, subject lines)
  • GA4 transition
  • Implementing/managing tags/triggers via GTM
  • Event tracking

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