Do you use Gmail? If you don’t, then chances are you know a lot of people who do. And every last one of them could be your next Google+ follower.

Let me explain.

Today I received this in my Gmail inbox:

Gmail with Google+ Follow Suggestion

Stitch Fix sent me an (awesome) email and it reminds me to follow them on Google+.

Wait, so what I’m saying is when businesses send emails to Gmail addresses, it connects to their Google+ accounts and displays the most recent post in the sidebar? That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Yes, Google has made it even more convenient for your email subscribers to follow you on Google+ whenever they open an email from you.

I mean, c’mon, in terms of getting more followers on Google+, this is downright brilliant. You’ve already gotten your subscriber to open the email (bonus for your email marketing program) and now you can grow your social media audience, too.

What’s even cooler about this is once your email subscriber follows you on Google+, they may even see your posts in their search results if it relates to a term or keyword used in your posts. I know, it just keeps getting better, right.

Not to mention the limitless opportunities to connect them back to your website with updated content, promotions, etc. once they follow you.

So if you’ve already launched an email marketing program but you haven’t developed a Google+ page – or you have one but don’t use it – it’s time to put some effort into Google+.

The Gmail subscribers who are your biggest fans will be more than willing to follow you to Google+, and you don’t want to miss that kind of opportunity to build on those important relationships.