Watch Your Language When Writing a Landing Page

Last week, I spent a considerable amount of time working on landing pages for our clients. If there’s one thing I was reminded of, it’s that writing a landing page is not for the faint of heart.

Sure, we know a landing page is where someone “lands” when they click on a link or an ad. But do we really know what the visitor needs to read or see, in order to take that next step?

Ours vs. Theirs When Writing a Landing Page

As business owners and marketers, we know what we want the visitor to do. So we spend the lion’s share of our time speaking our language…instead of theirs. “Our specialists are super great because...” “We will give you this report if you give us your information…” “See Our Amazing Research”

Did we ever stop and think that the visitor’s primary concern is what’s in it for them? What are their pain points, and are we writing a landing page that addresses those concerns? Are we more concerned with them, than us?

Yes, I know landing pages are designed as a way to move customers through the funnel. I know they’re meant to earn a conversion and, ultimately, generate a profit. I know this, but what I also know that is until we’re speaking the right language, we cannot achieve all of that.

Do This Instead

What I’m positing is we take another look at those landing pages that aren’t converting, and ask ourselves, “Would I want to fill out this form after reading this? Does this move me to give my personal information to this company?”

I think if you take this approach to writing a landing page, you’ll find you can make changes for the better. You can cut through the clutter and self-congratulatory language. You can identify what the visitor needs to read or see, in order to take that next step.

You know, see the forest for the trees.

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