Why Native Advertising is Good for SEO

Native advertising is one element that can positively influence search engine optimization (SEO), but what is it and how does it integrate with an online marketing strategy?

These are key questions, because it’s important to understand which tools are available and if they can help achieve specific, quantifiable goals.

What is Native Advertising?

As its name implies, native ads are those that fit naturally within the content landscape. They are commonly seen on social media platforms that offer advertising programs, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whereas display ads are positioned atop or to the side of the main page content, native advertising is aligned with it.

The positioning for native and display ads is distinctive.

The thought is that native ads are less interruptive; therefore, they do less to hinder the social media user experience.

That being said, consumers are more likely to look at and share native ads.

How does native enhance online marketing strategies?

Like display ads, native advertising’s primary goal is to encourage clickthrough to the website.

So they can be used to promote a product, service or event, with a higher likelihood of being viewed, read, and shared.

We think an another approach is to use native advertising to promote strong, useful blog content on social media, which can help grow readership, establish authority, and earn backlinks (they’re still important).

Have you been using native ads as a discovery tool for content marketing?

We’d love to hear about your experiences. Tell us in the comments.

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