Why Google+ is Good for Business

If you haven’t paid much attention lately to how search results are being displayed, then you may have missed just how much priority Google is giving to content published on its Google+ social network.

To give you an idea of the propensity of this trend, we went straight to Google’s news page (https://news.google.com). The hot topic of the moment is North Korea’s nuclear testing, and following the very first story by news giant, ABC, is an article by +Pierre Markuse.

We don’t know Pierre Markuse and you may not either, but that’s not the point. His content gets infinitely more exposure simply because he is publishing original, highly relevant content to his Google+ profile. That means more eyes on Pierre Markuse and his business, at absolutely no cost to him. (Not to mention, we’re now promoting him here.)

How to Start Using Google+ to Grow Your Own Business

You can start getting noticed, too, by doing what Mr. Markuse is doing; writing interesting and original content and publishing it to your Google+ profile. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to set one up. (Make sure you understand the difference between a Google+ business page and profile.)

Then, start adding people to your circles. People will naturally add you back, especially if you include those relevant to your niche or industry.

Next, do some research on Google Authorship. This is incredibly important.

Finally, make sure you are linking to your Google+ content through your other social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

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