What Keeps Social Media Advertising From Being Successful

As more people engage with social media advertising via smartphones and tablets, the time between a click and a purchase narrows, but it also means that brands must be ready for the decisiveness of a buy-now crowd.

Responsive retail sites or mobile apps drive higher conversion rates than desktop-oriented sites for smartphone and tablet users. Photo Credit: C. Regina, Creative Commons

According to a comScore study, mobile devices host more than a third of visits to top e-commerce sites.

Never before have we seen the number of retail visits on smartphones and tablets so close to those on desktop, an indicator that brands need mobile-friendly websites in order to align with user intent.

Those who want to promote services and products using social media ads could derail their own efforts if they do so without a mobile-friendly website.

You see, it’s not enough for mobile-friendly websites to exist; they must be fast and easy to use lest you risk losing sales, registrations, and other campaign goals.

According to Adyen, a Dutch online payments company, brands with a fully functioning mobile app or responsive retail site will experience, on average, a 10-15 percent higher conversion rate than those who operate a web store that is oriented for desktop users.

Brands that want to be successful in social media advertising will need to develop a mobile-friendly website that matches user intent as they go from the referral site to landing page to bona fide conversion.

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