What is the Point of a PPC Landing Page?

There are many ways to try improving your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – relevant keywords, calls-to-action, images of adorable babies – but one of the key ways to increase the effectiveness of your paid advertising is with a PPC landing page.

Of course, you need PPC landing pages if you are doing paid advertisements, but there is also a reason 48 percent of marketers craft new landing pages for each campaign.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is a PPC Landing Page?

Before we can understand why a landing page is necessary for online ads, we need to define what a landing page is:

  • a webpage where users “land” after clicking on an ad

  • a separate webpage from your normal site navigation

  • a webpage designed to accompany your paid advertisement

This means your PPC advertisement and your landing page should go together. Everything from the copy to the imagery should be aligned, so that users see a connection between the ad and the landing page.

In other words, you want your landing page to pick up where your advertisement leaves off.

You had me at premium coffee. Now tell me more.

The Point of PPC Landing Pages

The very main objective of a PPC landing page is to increase conversions.

Whether that is by way of lead generation (having users fill out name, email address, etc.) or increasing clickthroughs (giving more information so users click through to purchase), the landing page needs to be designed to get users to do exactly what you want them to do.

If we go back to that 48 percent statistic, we can see that marketers place great emphasis on customizing the PPC landing page.

This is because PPC ads contain very specific keywords and copy, and most pages in the main navigation of a site are not specific enough to match the ads.

For example, if you run an ad on Premium Dark Roast Coffee from Indonesia, then you don’t want to direct users to a general coffee product page – or, worse, one with bargain basement brands (sorry, bargain basement brands).

When you run PPC advertisements, customized landing pages are a must if you want to be effective. And what is the point of investing in pay-per-click if not to make more money.

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