UX Is Becoming Crucial to SEO

The User Experience, UX or UI for short, has long been a buzzword of the industry. Now it’s becoming more apparent than ever before that UX will play a crucial role in the future of SEO. Simply put, search engines like Google have always tried to maintain a holistic approach to user experience to varying results: what works for the user is reflected positively in search performance. If the user likes a site, then the ranking goes up. Plain and simple. Now that machine learning is taking into account factors such as quality and structure to rank sites, the next step should be a no-brainer. Marketers must incorporate UX to deliver the highest possible service to clients.

The Benefits of UX

UX allows businesses to see the site top-down as a whole as well as give attention to the finer details related to every part of the user experience. For example, why would a user click on one button and not the other? Does it have to do with the color or the shape, or does it appear during the wrong point of the user journey? What are the challenges in the payment process? These are questions that must be answered that are not traditionally covered within the realm of SEO. But it’s obvious to see that taking the time to reduce any pain-points the user might face in navigating your site or app will make for a happier customer who will be more likely to convert.

If You Can't Beat Machine Learning then Use It

Again the emphasis is on machine learning. As algorithms that judge relevance and quality become more sophisticated, SEO specialists must broaden their knowledge to include these changing boundaries of what defines a good site.

UX seeks to make the experience as seamless as possible, making an interaction as organic and as easy as possible so that the user will not hesitate to use the same services again. In other words, the development and deployment of UX is a future that will be beneficial to everyone.

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