Updating Old Blog Posts for SEO – A Case Study

Stocking your website with fresh, high-quality, and helpful content is always a good idea. It keeps you top of mind with your readers, and it’s good for SEO. But publishing brand new content isn’t the only way to boost organic search performance; in fact, updating old blog posts can also improve SEO.

Here’s a recent case study to prove it.

Our client, a SAAS company, published a fantastic piece of content last year. It had decent organic search rankings, but there was certainly room for improvement. Since the topic was focused on trends for 2022, it seemed a natural candidate for a 2023 update.

We wanted to track the stats of the original version and the compare it to the same stats for the updated version, so we could determine if updating old blog posts for SEO was worth it.

Here’s a small portion of what we uncovered:

Keyword rankings

The 2022 version of the blog:

Keyword 1: 13

Keyword 2: 16

Keyword 3: not ranked

The 2023 version:

Keyword 1: 3

Keyword 2: 9

Keyword 3: 10

Obviously, this is a great improvement. We didn’t need to create a totally new blog to see results, but by refreshing older content we were able to measure considerable lift in organic search rank.

While it’s still too early to compare traffic and inbound links since this is a very recent update, these results are promising and a good indicator of SEO benefits from updating old blogs.

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