Universal Analytics: Missing Organic Search Traffic Data?

If your website receives significant traffic from a search engine that isn’t on Google’s default listing, then you could be missing organic search traffic data. Fortunately, Universal Analytics offers a fix.

Organic Search Customization Adds Tracking Options in Universal Analytics (Photo Credit: le-topographe, Creative Commons)

Custom Search Engine Tracking

By default, Google tracks a number of search engines. Traffic sent by unlisted search engines, however, gets reported as referral traffic rather than organic search traffic.

Referral traffic is good, but traffic from organic search is the Dom Perignon of search engine optimization.

If your website regularly sees traffic from unlisted search engines, then you’ll appreciate the new feature in Universal Analytics, which enables you to add extra search engines to your analytics account.

By adding additional search engines, you’ll likely see greater results from the nets you’ve been casting far and wide across the Internet.

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