3 Types of Search Ads You Can Use for Paid Advertising

Search advertising is a brilliant way to get in front of your target audience quickly, to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, and boost conversions – all within your paid advertising budget. To help you achieve your goals, search engines like Google offer different types of search ads with varying formats and specifications.

Search ads are different from display ads, so it’s important to understand how each works to your benefit.

Here are three of the more popular search ad types our clients use for advertising on Google Search.

Text Ads

Text-only ads are the most common type of search ad used in Google Search. The format is simple and straightforward, and you don’t need any image or video files to get started.

Text ads display your text (along with a small “Ad” icon) in search results above the organic listings, as many as four ads at a time, as well as below the organic listings at the bottom of the page.

Source: Google Search

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are a bit more flexible than text ads, because they adapt to show more text depending on the device where they’re being displayed.

For example, your responsive search ad can display different on a tablet than it would on a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. To accommodate this flexibility, Google allows you to write more copy than you would with a text ad.

Over time, Google tests different combinations of your text to learn which combinations perform best, which can boost the performance of your paid advertising campaign.

Here are examples of how responsive ads can display differently from one another:

Call-Only Ads  

If one of your paid advertising goals is to increase phone calls to your business, then call-only ads can help. Instead of directing users to a website landing page, these types of search ads display your phone number, which users can tap to call (on devices that can make phone calls).

Getting Started with Search Ads

If you are wondering which type of search ad can best serve your goals, then let us know. We specialize in PPC management and are certified in Google Ads, and we are excited to help you increase brand awareness, lead generation, and online sales through paid ads.

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