Twitter Conversion Tracking Debuts for PPC Advertising Customers

The effectiveness of Twitter PPC advertising campaigns can now be measured with conversion tracking, a new reporting tool that gives advertisers better insight into what makes consumers click.

How does conversion tracking work?

When PPC advertisers are building a Promoted Tweet campaign through Twitter, they can create a ‘purchase’ conversion tag and place it on one of their website purchase pages.

If a user clicks on the Promoted Tweet and then purchases the product, the tag works as a conversion tracker and reports the event.

Over time, advertisers can see the total number of users that converted and cost per action (CPA) using Twitter campaign analytics.

This helps PPC advertising clients understand which campaigns are the most cost-effective.

Additional Benefits for PPC Advertisers

With the conversion tracking tool, paid advertising clients can also view post-engagement conversion, which shows any replies, retweets, favorites or follows that a user performs before making the conversion.

This type of tracking can give advertisers a greater view on how consumers interact with certain campaigns, even those that don’t already follow the Twitter account.

Now that Twitter debuted conversion tracking for paid advertisements, will you plan to spend more or less on your campaigns?

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