Tips to Owning a Successful Web Site

There are some things that don't need an expert. Like creating your own web site, making a success of it, adding to its popularity and to your bottom line. Here are four lessons to be learned in achieving your web site goals.

1. Don't let your programmer design your web site! You know best what you want your web site to do, be, say, show and find. Or do you? That's the homework for you, before you dream of having your own dot com. Hint for your homework: The Internets thumb rule: Keep it simple.

2. Learn, re-learn and learn a little more about the latest web tools, editors, blogs, platforms, payment windows, shopping carts, search engines, keywords, search engine optimization, and stuff. Learn what they do and not necessarily how they work.

3. What's your product or service? Find out that first. It need not be tangible even. Also, your web site can be a touch point for other products, services, etc. available in other web sites.

4. Know your customer! Why should people visit your web site? For what? When, or whenever? How are you going to woo them 24/7/365? Why would they come to you again and again? Not an easy exercise, but don't go looking for shortcuts that don't exist anyway!

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