The Whisbi & RSO Consulting Partnership

RSO Consulting is pleased to report to that we are now strategic partners with Whisbi Technologies Ltd., a leading online communications company offering state-of-the-art technology for increasing customer confidence when contacting businesses, and in turn, increasing sales and conversions for those businesses.

Having met some members of their great team in San Francisco a few weeks ago, we feel confident that this partnership will reap many benefits for both parties, and we're very excited to have this opportunity. We've already utilized some of Whisbi's patented technology with our own company and can attest to its efficacy and ?wow? factor.

In essence, Whisbi offers visual human contact between clients communicating online with service reps at the business. It seems simple, but hasn't really been done previously, and adds a palpable sense of confidence and trust with the customer. Reps can speak with customers and assist them in completing necessary tasks in real time. By facilitating this streamlined online sales process with no extra cost to the customer, Whisbi provides companies with increased sales and conversions across multiple channels since it works with voice, video, chat, and data exchange systems.

As for our partnership with Whisbi? In their own words, 'This program offers all the  Whisbi Partners a collaboration environment where we work together to provide consultancy and technology solutions to the on-line communication channel as required by customers.' We couldn't have said it better. At RSO Consulting we pride ourselves on our customer care, and by partnering with Whisbi, we feel confident that our current and future clients will be very satisfied indeed.

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