The Super Bowl Hustle

Super Bowl Sunday is just ahead, and ad nerds like us are just as excited about the multi-million dollar, no-expenses spared, all-out TV advertisements interspersed by few minutes of playing here and there as we are about the eventuality of the game or the fantastically indulgent food with which we are about to gorge ourselves this Sunday.

The Super Bowl is not just a game that airs every year. Even to those who are not much interested in football, or any sport for that matter, the Big Game is a bona fide cultural event, a gathering of friends and family, and a period of a brief but national spending spree.

With advertisers shelling out 4.5 million dollars for 30-second ads and over a hundred million viewers watching, it is without a doubt a real marketing boon. Even advertisers with star-power and budgets of millions of dollars are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to grab viewers’ attention. This doesn’t mean those without such means should sit back and watch the big boys duke it out. Quite the contrary, it means that businesses without such resources to spare must think outside the box and come up with ingenious ways to become part of the Super Bowl conversation that millions of people will be having in their homes and at bars with their friends and family.

Michael Dub of DXagency explained that digital media has allowed “every brand to become part of the Super Bowl. Digital and social media is much more attainable and affordable, and it can be more meaningful now that anyone can tap into that conversation.”

Even if your company is not buying airtime during the Super Bowl, you can insert your brand into the conversation by emulating the tactics of companies like Newcastle and Volvo that are also staying out of the TV advertisement wars. Instead, what they chose to do is poke fun at the marketing monstrosity that has become the Super Bowl, satirize the attitude of over-the-top marketing power moves, and steal the attention of viewers from them.

By using all the tools at your disposal such as social media and content and video marketing, there is always a way to shine even when it seems the odds are against you.

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