Sustainability Through Digital Marketing

Consumers are becoming more interested in sustainability and the welfare of the planet. They are expecting these interests and values to be reflected by online businesses. Yet these digital expectations can conflict with reality, as carbon emissions from tech infrastructure and the data servers, used to support online storage, are set to exceed those of pre-Covid air travel.

Working from home

COVID-19 has compounded the issue with its accelerated change in flexible/home working and an ever-growing shift toward online interactions. Some of the concerns, that have been raised about the digital sector’s carbon footprint, were addressed at the COP26 conference earlier this year. Especially, in the form of newly-adopted international policies towards digital marketing and eCommerce. 

The role of business

Businesses can meet these challenges, by re-focusing their attention on smarter ways of working and through greater transparency of their green credentials. These key changes can help companies more effectively connect and engage with their target audience. 

While part of the problem, the internet is also one of the main drivers of climate awareness. Global tech giants have seen the potential for playing their part towards increased sustainability in their own right, as well as for consumer growth and retention. Sustainability policies are becoming a part of the business growth models. Businesses are beginning to acknowledge their responsibilities and the need for change. 

Just consider the following examples. Google has a sustainable strategy focused on carbon-free energy and a circular economy. Facebook is using 100% renewable energy and plans to reach net-zero emissions, for the range of resources it uses in less than ten years. While, LinkedIn is encouraging partnerships with organizations addressing climate change, and Apple has announced that all devices sold will have a net-zero climate impact by 2030.

How digital marketing can help

Digital marketing as offered by RSO Consulting can play an important role in working in line with consumers’ interests and values at the same time as addressing the need for longevity and growth. Data-driven marketing reflecting sustainable practice presents a huge opportunity for online businesses. Refined and focused digital campaigns have the potential to lower emissions at the same time as having a positive impact on sales.

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