How to Stand Out on Social Media

On social media everyone is trying to maintain and grow their audience. In order to do either, you have to create content that entertains, intrigues and above all else stands out. But, how do you do that in a world of endless content?

Eye Catching Assets

On any platform, a photo or video will automatically make your post more noticeable. Be aware that the quality of the media you publish says a lot about your business. A high quality photo/video can show that your business is tech savvy and creative. 

Follow the Crowd

This may seem like the opposite of standing out, but jumping on trends can put you in the spotlight when done well. Whether it’s a meme, popular song or trending dance, be sure you are using it correctly and authentically. When a business jumps on a trend it shows that they are in tune with the current culture, making them more likable to consumers. 

Become a Meme

Risky and hard to control, becoming a meme is the most vulnerable way to stand out on social media. The issue is, you don’t decide if you’re a meme, the internet does. So, while this isn’t something that can be executed in social media strategy, it is a quick way to fame. Just keep posting authentically, you never know where it will take you.

Partner with Influencers

One of the quickest ways to reach a large audience is through influencers. There are influencers for every interest. Fashion, beauty, sports, investing, hunting, cooking, the list is endless! Know your brand, research influencers and then reach out to them with a partnership offer. 

At the end of the day, publishing quality content is going to be the main ingredient in the recipe for successfully maintaining and building your audience. Get creative, showcase a strong brand identity and stay up to date with the trends. Good luck!

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