Social Media and SEO: An Unlikely Bond

Social media and SEO have an unexpected, yet strong, relationship. The use of social media in SEO practice is more important than you might think. Both are strong marketing tools on their own, but when used in conjunction with one another they have an even greater impact on digital marketing. 

Here are a few ways social media can benefit SEO:

Make Google more familiar with your site.

Social media is another place you can associate your URL to its assigned keywords. The more this is done the stronger the relationship between your assigned keywords and your page which positively affects your rank on SERP. In addition, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a high domain authority which makes them, and the content published on them, more recognizable to Google.

Build your web presence.

Having a profile on any of the popular social media platforms increases your notability and credibility. Aside from establishing your brand, having notability and credibility is huge from an SEO standpoint. Whether you're trying to improve domain authority or create a wikipedia page, having something as simple as a social media profile can make these tasks easier to accomplish. If you're not sure which profile is best for you, we have some advice.

Drive more traffic to your website.

Social media, at the very least, is another way to drive traffic to your website while also building brand awareness, collecting new customers and engaging with current ones. The more link clicks the better, and with social media you’re able to connect with millions of people daily.

SEO is a journey. It takes time to see results and while social media is not the magic solution, it definitely can give things a small boost.

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