Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are great for event promotion, brand awareness, and product marketing. Unless you purchase social media ads, these campaigns are ran through organic engagement. This can make social media appear to be a bit unpredictable. This is why having a well thought out plan is the key to any successful social media campaign.

Looking to get started? Follow these steps:

Set Your Objectives

What are you trying to accomplish with this social media campaign? The answer to this question will determine which platforms are best, how often you need to post and what you need to post. 

Pick a Platform

In order to pick a platform you must know your audience. Who are you trying to reach with this campaign? Each social media platform attracts different audiences with their unique personalities and capabilities.

Content Creation

The key to creating quality content for your social media campaign is keeping your objectives in mind. It can be as simple as linking to your website if an objective is an increase in website traffic. But, it can be more complicated. If your objective is to better communicate your company culture, then it’s time to get creative. 

Build a Content Calendar

Map out your social media campaign from start to finish. This will help you and your team see the campaign from a big picture perspective. It’s important to post in a timely manner, being aware of cultural events, holidays, etc.

Schedule Posts

Live moves quick. It’s easy to gloss over your content calendar and forget to post, but it’s important that you stick to your plan. Scheduling posts through a social media management platform is a great way to stay on track and keep the campaign running smoothly.

Monitor Metrics

While the campaign is running take note of the metrics. Depending on the nature of your campaign low metrics to start aren’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s important is that engagement increases over time.

Analyze and Adjust 

Once your campaign is complete, analyze your metrics. See what worked, what didn’t. Use your findings for similar social media campaigns and general social media best practices going forward. You may be surprised with the results. 

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