Why Your SEO Still Depends on Fresh Content

Is your search engine optimization (SEO) destined to fail without new content? Does it even matter in the wake of mobile-friendly websites, HTTPS certificates, and other ranking signals as of late? Turns out it does, and here’s why.

Google Says So: Content is a Top SEO Signal

Earlier this year, Google confirmed the top three ranking signals: links, content and RankBrain.

There are, of course, other signals that matter. Online reviews, mobile-friendliness, and social signals contribute to your SEO rankings, as do plenty of other influencers.

But with the official nod from Google, you can assume content is still on the radar. It should be on yours, too.

Content Keeps You Relevant

One of the reasons your SEO depends on fresh content is relevancy.

Each time your site is indexed, search engines look to see if anything new has been published. If you regularly contribute new content, search engines recognize this and may reward you with higher rankings.

Search engines are not the only ones that notice. With ongoing, original content, your audience will also recognize your brand as “in touch” with what’s happening in the industry – or, better yet, their industry.

The beauty of being relevant in your readers’ eyes is they feel compelled to share your content. So you not only get the SEO benefit of indexing, but you also get readers who share your content (more visits to your site) and – if your content is really good – readers who want to link to your content (remember links is one of the top three ranking signals). Sharing is the currency of online success.

As you can see, new content is still an important ranking factor for SEO, but it isn’t just about churning out 500-word articles or downloadable whitepapers every week. It goes deeper than that.

If you do it right, fresh content is the machine that speaks so intuitively to your audience they can’t help but share. It’s that next level of influence that spreads content like wildfire and gives real purpose to your SEO investments.

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