Why We Prioritize Semantic HTML in SEO

You’re not going to hear about semantic HTML in casual SEO discussions. It doesn’t make for scintillating dinner conversation or particularly interesting coffee talk (unless you’re with a bunch of SEO nerds). But semantic HTML is good for SEO, and it deserves a spot in the organic search narrative.

What is Semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML helps search engines better understand content on a webpage. By adding semantic elements like headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, and other indicators, web developers can lend structure and meaning to the page content. While it’s not a direct ranking factor for SEO, semantic HTML does improve SEO and how people can interact with the content.

Here’s why we choose to prioritize semantic elements in our work with clients:

  • It organizes content. By adding headings like H1, H2, etc. to the content, not only do search engines better understand the meaning and purpose of the page, but it also makes the content easier for readers to understand and navigate. Think of headings like a hierarchy for your content.

  • It makes content more accessible. With elements like image attributes and anchor tags, semantic HTML ensures web content can be conveyed to screen readers, helping those with vision or hearing impairments. It can also provide keyboard navigability to motor-impaired users by making links and forms accessible via the keyboard.

  • It helps advance SEO initiatives. Let’s first be clear that semantic HTML is not a direct SEO ranking factor, per Google’s John Mueller. Yet, it does provide clear context and meaning for the content of a page, which in turn helps search engines determine when it can best address search queries.

  • It remains a best practice. Organizing web content is a cornerstone of good web development and SEO, ultimately in service of your website visitors. Semantic HTML is a best practice we prioritize in our work with clients.

Let’s Talk Semantics

If you’re interested in improving organic search, accessibility, and user experience, then it’s worth discussing semantic HTML. Reach out for a free digital marketing consultation.

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