Retargeting Ad Strategies Should Go Beyond “Buy Now” Campaigns

For some advertisers, retargeting campaigns are “buy now” campaigns. Yet there’s so much more you can do with your retargeting ad strategies than jumping straight to conversion tactics.

Think of retargeting ads like a relationship: you’re not going to take someone on a vacation the first time you meet, but you’re going invite them to lunch if the coffee date is enjoyable.

Retargeting ad strategies should take your buyer on the next stage of their journey – whether that’s from brand awareness to consideration, consideration to purchase, or anywhere in between.

For example, after visiting the Adobe website the other day, I’m now being retargeted with this display ad on another site:

You’ll notice the language is a continuation of the visit and the product I was looking at (Acrobat Pro DC) but mentions nothing about making a purchase.

Instead, the call-to-action is “Try free” because I’m not ready to buy – and most other people won’t be either at this point.

The next time you are planning your retargeting ad strategies, think beyond instant gratification and explore what other assets and experiences your customer needs before making the ultimate commitment.

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