Remarketing is Now Even More Important for Online Marketing

Global cart abandonment is on the rise – up to 76.8% over the last quarter, according to recent data. That means even more website visitors are deciding against purchases. Companies that want to improve their online marketing this year may need to consider remarketing as a means of loss mitigation.

Why is abandonment going up?

There may be a few reasons why cart abandonment is increasing. More companies are setting up mobile shopping for their customers, which could mean an increase in the number of visitors to the site. More customers could equal more opportunities for cart abandonment.

On the other hand, some company websites may not offer a great mobile experience (i.e. pages take too long to load, buttons are too hard to find, the pages are difficult to navigate, etc.). This may also lead to more instances of abandonment.

Remarketing is the Solution

Either way, remarketing can be the solution to this online marketing problem.

If you see that your visitors are putting items in the cart but then leaving the site, remarketing can be used to reach out to those visitors with a reminder of the items or a special offer that entices them to reconsider the purchase. This can be done through paid advertising on search engines, social media, or other websites visited by the user.

Remarketing can also be done through email, where the visitor receives an email the same or next day reminding them of the items left in their cart.

One Caveat

If your mobile site does have problems with load speed, navigation, content or buttons, then you may want to address these problems before initiating a remarketing campaign. If your site serves up a poor user experience, no amount of remarketing is going to encourage visitors to return.

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