Reasons to Switch to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that exist today. More than 74 million sites use WordPress, generating thousands of new posts every hour. If you aren’t already, here are some reasons to ditch whatever CMS you’re using to switch to WordPress immediately. The original article on this topic by John Rampton, “25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress," appeared on

1. Nothing beats free

WordPress is 100 percent free and there are no hidden charges no matter how popular your site gets.

2. Versatile

Whether you’re building a personal blog or a commercial site, WordPress is an extremely malleable tool that can be kept as simple and prim or as complicated and extensive as your needs dictate.

3. Search engine friendly

Popular search engines prefer WordPress-powered sites because their framework is easy to crawl.

4. Secure

WordPress takes user security very seriously. It continuously updates software to prevent attacks. Automatic software update has been a feature since version 3.7.

5. Easy

WordPress is very easy to use. For those who have used word processor and have a basic command of how the Internet works, it doesn’t more than several minutes to figure out how to upload a basic post.

6. Multimedia friendly

It is easy and intuitive to add multimedia on WordPress. It’s been proven that images and video spark engagement and enhance user experience. In addition to easy uploading, WordPress also lets you edit files within the media library.

7. Mobile friendly

With WordPress, you don’t have worry about making your site responsive since the work is already done for you from the get-go.

8. Integration

WordPress allows integration with platforms that are necessary to conduct a successful business. Whether it’s an e-mail service to launch a campaign for getting paid for products and services, WordPress can work with most platforms that you may need.

9. More than blogging

Although WordPress started as a blogging tool to be inserted into an existing site, it can also be used as a website.

10. You’re not stuck with one hosting provider

If for any reason you want to switch a provider or host, WordPress makes it relatively painless since it works with almost every server out there.

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