The Benefits of Using Quora for Marketing

You probably recognize Quora as the question and answer platform; a place where you go to find or provide answers to just about any topic or interest. What may not be as familiar is using Quora for marketing; as a space to connect with your audience and grow your brand in a different way.

So what exactly are the benefits of using Quora for marketing?

Here are a few, based on my experience of leveraging the Q&A platform as part of a marketing strategy:

Building Brand Awareness

Quora is an excellent channel for building awareness around your brand. Whether you are the CEO, marketing director, or sales manager, you can play an important role in getting your brand in front of people by:

  • answering questions related to your industry,

  • asking questions related to your niche,

  • creating communities where you can start and maintain relevant conversations.

Keep in mind, Quora operates with personal accounts – not brand pages – so your profile and activities represent your brand. Make sure to update your profile to include social proof, an approach I have found very effective in building brand awareness via Quora.

Boosting Off-Page SEO

While you can certainly provide links back to your website from Quora (commonly known as off-page SEO), I don’t personally recommend doing it very often. This can be seen as spammy by the platform and, in turn, keep you from using the site.

The best way to use Quora for your marketing is to provide insight and helpful information to users, which allows you to establish credibility, build trust, and create relationships – all without being promotional or heavy-handed in your approach. As you use Quora more, you will notice people start following you and looking to you for answers when they have questions related to your expertise.

How does not providing links help your SEO efforts? By offering up answers to others’ questions and establishing yourself as an expert in your field, Quora users will start noticing the brand you are associated with – especially because it’s in your profile! – and start researching your brand on Google and/or social media. This is how you move from an off-page activity like Quora to on-page activity, as users start visiting your site organically.

Creating Connections

It’s always been important to make connections with your audience, but these days it seems especially critical to humanize your marketing and make an effort to build rapport with your followers. Quora is the perfect marketing platform to do just that.

By using Quora as part of your marketing strategy, you can find out what questions people have about your industry or your brand. You can meet their needs by providing genuinely helpful answers and directing them to relevant resources (not just your own). Finally, you can create communities with Quora Spaces, where you can start conversations on specific topics and contribute content that supports these conversations.

Let’s Talk Quora

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