Are You Posting Blog Content on Other Sites?

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “Should I be posting blog content on other sites that aren’t my own?”

The answer is almost always, “Yes!”

Content you post on third-party sites is considered off-page SEO, meaning it can provide valuable backlinks to your website.

If SEO is a priority for you, but you aren’t sure which sites you should be publishing blog content on, then take a look at these recommendations.


I love posting blog content on other sites like Medium, and I regularly suggest it to clients.

Medium has a large audience and user base, so if your content is high quality and interesting enough, chances are good for people seeing and reading your post. The more readers who clap for your story (it’s like voting for your content), the more people it gets in front of – and who have the opportunity to read it. 

Another bonus to posting here: Medium has high domain authority, which means if you link back to your website in your post, it passes that authority value on to your website whenever someone clicks on your link.


LinkedIn is an easy-to-use platform for publishing blog content, and everyone in your network gets a notification any time you publish. Rather than taking a chance they will see it in the feed, LinkedIn does you a solid and puts a little red notification on their home page. 

LinkedIn also has incredibly high domain authority, which boosts SEO for your own website and web pages whenever someone clicks on a link (provided you include one in your blog content). Learn more about domain authority and page authority.


Did you know you can publish your blog content on Quora? It’s no longer limited to questions and answers, but you do have to establish your profile and participate first by answering a few questions. 

Once Quora sees you as a participant in their communities and not just a marketer looking for promotional opportunities, then you can create a blog (you choose part of the URL) and start publishing content.

Quora works similarly to Medium, in that the more votes your content receives the more visible it will be to readers. Users can also choose to follow your blog.

Industry Sites

You can get more mileage from your content by posting it on relevant industry-related sites. For example, if you are in digital marketing, you can search “digital marketing write for us” or “digital marketing become a contributor” to find sites accepting content. 

The best part about posting blog content on these sites is readers are more likely to be interested in your blogs and your products or services than readers on more general topic websites.

Have you published blog content on other sites, but you aren’t getting any traction? Reach out to our consultants for guidance on reaching your audience. 

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