Pinterest Presents Promoted Pins

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you’ve either been stranded on a deserted island for the last few years or you’ve relegated it to the back of your mind perhaps thinking it has nothing to do with your business. Pinterest is a kind of online inspiration board that “help[s] people discover things they love and do those things in real life.” In people’s minds, the type of people who have Pinterest boards can be more or less divided into two grossly over-generalized categories: crafty types endlessly coming up with creative projects or women who have upcoming weddings. Pinterest’s command of an extremely targeted audience is not a shortcoming but its forte, and it would be a very big mistake to overlook Pinterest.

Pinterest is poised to become an even more powerful marketing tool with their upcoming launch of Promoted Pins. This means advertisers can pay to have their Pins show up to Pinners searching for related products and services. Pinterest has been beta testing Promoted Pins for the past eight months and come January 1 will provide services to its US partners. A few findings stood out from their research:

"Promoted Pins perform just as good and sometimes better than organic Pins.”

This comes as no surprise since paid Pins are likely to have been made with more thought and resources put into it and Pinners therefore deem it more worthy of pinning. Moreover, there is no better example of native advertising than having your product show up next to a related search on Pinterest.

“Promoted Pins perform long after a campaign ends.”

Pins last forever and Pinterest saw a 5% bump in earned media after the campaign had ended for a month afterward.

Most importantly to anyone who might think Pinterest is peripheral to their marketing campaign,

“Brans both in and out of our core categories found success.”

It’s not just the wedding and fashion industries that can benefit from Promoted Pins. “Financial services to food to auto” saw results.

Pinterest also announced the launch of Pinstitute, a program where businesses can learn to connect with Pinners and reap the results. If you are looking for easy ways to boost your social marketing for the New Year, Pinterest just might be the answer.

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