Pin Marketing: How the Pinterest Keyword Tool Can Help Your SEO Strategy

If pin marketing isn't currently part of your SEO strategy, you might want to rethink that. As social media platforms defined and refined what makes them indispensable in their users' daily lives, Pinterest pulled away from the pack as the app is actually less social media and more search engine. Consider the Pinterest keyword tool's function both on the platform and also for off-platform planning.

Plan to Pin: Marketing for Future Intent

Pinterest should play a role in any B2C social media strategy. The Pinterest feed rewards images that are eye-catching with a call-to-action, and created to the right specifications of the moment. It's also a smart feed, learning from its users what kinds of content they are most interested in and then continuing to flood their feed with complementary content that will fill the user's needs and keep them on the platform. Pinners are planners and find "pinspiration" for their next meal, project, outfit, and travel destination months in advance.

Why This is Important

The Pinterest keyword tool auto-fills, revealing from a few clicks of a word what search terms are popular with its community and also the specific word order. In addition to using SEO tools like Moz and SEM Rush, the Pinterest keyword tool is free and offers another perspective into user intent and behavior. This can help when considering how to write a title or phrase metadata that is both helpful and informative but precise in its word order.

Fresh Ideas for Today or Tomorrow

So, in summary, the Pinterest keyword tool is useful for generating new content ideas for your blog or website. It can provide fresh perspective for adjusting existing content and add to your SEO strategy. And, if you're already practicing pin marketing, the keywords and phrases it suggests can give ideas for new boards and pins to keep your customer engaged and "pinspired."

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