Google's Online Reviews Get an Update

As the importance of online reviews continues to grow across the web, businesses will be happy to know that Google’s most recent update ensures the integrity of those oh-so-valuable ratings and recommendations. Here’s the low-down on their online review tweaking.

Google Vs. Online Spam Reviews

We’ve seen Google attack spammy content on web pages for more than a year, and now it’s taking on the same agenda with its online reviews. Its new and improved spam detection algorithms will filter through the “garbage” to give users the reviews that are, in Google’s words, “honest, useful and written by real people.”

What does this mean for negative reviews? According to Google’s review update page, they won’t be taking down the “undesirables” but they do warn users not to work with companies claiming they have a relationship with Google to eliminate bad reviews. Instead, the search engine giant encourages businesses to address the concerns and comments of its customers.

Links Out, Legitimacy In

In addition to sorting through spam reviews (yes, the new algorithms will be able to spot a fake review), Google is removing all reviews that contain links. This is to eliminate redirects to other sites or possible malware, further protecting the user.

With the new online review update, Google hopes to increase the amount of legitimate recommendations coming from people who have really experienced the products or services of a business. Therefore, they also will not tolerate posts made on behalf of others. Finally, users are asked to report reviews in question by clicking the grey flag icon next to the review and submitting their information.

Have you already seen a difference in your online reviews following this update? If so, how is this change affecting your current online presence?

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