Why Online Marketers Have to Know More than Marketing

It’s not enough for marketers to know only about marketing. Serving clients in this digital age means understanding outside elements that can improve marketing strategies and business results, like data automation or virtual reality technology, for example.

But it doesn’t have to involve the latest digital advancements to be effective; it can be as simple as knowing how to measure the success of social media based on telephone calls.

I bring up this last example because of a conversation with a client more than a year ago. Simply put, the client wanted a way to track phone calls that were specifically driven by their social media posts. Of course, we weren’t in the business of telecommunications, but we did know a thing or two about how to use them within our strategy. So we decided to implement a unique telephone number for the client’s business (different from their main numbers on the website) that would only be used with their social media content. Any time they received a call to that number, we would assign credit to their social media.

My point here is that online marketers can have a bigger impact on their clients’ success if they expand their knowledge of related concepts or technologies. For example, as an SEO copywriter, I’m not typically involved in the programming of web pages. However, with knowledge of SEO best practices on the backend, I can easily make recommendations to the client, which can then be implemented by the programmer.

It’s all about taking the long view of the business goals and considering: how is my online marketing approach going to help them not only engage existing customers and generate new ones, but do it better than they were doing it before? What new ideas or concepts or technologies are available that can assist me in developing a more innovative strategy? How will I execute this strategy so that it remains effective even as the tools we’re using become more numerous and fragmented?

As online marketers, we have to know more than just marketing. We must be able to anticipate what’s next and know how to use it, when and if it makes sense. Otherwise, our customers will move on to the marketers who do.

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