New Ways to Grow Your Google+ Audience

With more than 50 percent of global internet users owning a Google+ account at the end of 2013 Q2 (source: GlobalWebIndex), the social media network is catching up to Facebook. That means if you have a Google+ account, and you’re not active, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with consumers who want to do business with you.

And if you don’t have a Google+ account? Well, this post should convince you to change all that.

Google+ and Search Results Integration

As part of an initiative to grow its social media network, Google began integrating Google+ posts with its search results in January 2012. For those that posted content to their Google+ profiles, this meant that the social network would become a driver for SEO.

In addition, this integration enabled content to be attributed to the original author, but it also meant that in order to obtain authorship the content had to be originally posted on Google+.

Google Pushing Content Further

With Google’s new authorship program, content that originates in WordPress and TypePad can now automatically post to a Google+ profile (provided it's connected via Google+ Sign-In).

By opting into the program, you can ensure that any content you post on WordPress or TypePad will always be attributed to you – no matter how it gets viewed or shared on the web. This is essential for improving brand recognition and preserving author integrity.

Even more importantly, the greater the amount of content you share via your Google+ account the more opportunities you create for showing up in search results.

With more visibility comes greater potential for new followers on Google+.

Embedding for Expansion

Along with Google’s publishing integration, the new authorship program makes it possible for website owners to share your Google+ content on their own web pages – all while preserving your authorship as well as the interactive +1, commenting and following features.

The following image is from a National Geographic page:

The new embed function has the potential to help you push your content to new spaces and grow your audience in a much bigger way.

With the new authorship program, Google is helping Google+ users increase the size of their audience by enabling more sharing options and safeguarding content ownership. The fact that it boosts SEO is icing on the cake.

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