New AdWords UI Alpha

Last March Google announced there would be an overhaul to the AdWords interface. After more than fifteen years of use, it’s true AdWords was needing a bit of a facelift to keep up with the trends and looks of today. It was in 2008, a lifetime ago in tech, that Google had made significant changes to AdWords. Since last year, Google has been building the new interface and now the alpha version is rolling out to more advertisers. Google’s head of search ads confirmed on Tuesday that within a few months it will be available to more accounts. The access hasn’t rolled out to all accounts and not all functionality are supported yet by the new alpha. But the new design excels in data visuals. Here is a summary of the kinds of things AdWords is capable of if you are just getting access to the new interface.

Day & Hour Card

The daypart reporting is one of the most lauded features in the new AdWords UI. The charts allow you to see when the conversions happen in a bird’s eye view. And it is reachable from the main Overview panel. These metrics are also viewable by day, day and hour, and by hour.

Device Card

The new UI also lets users see device reporting. It makes it easier to track how the campaign is doing across all devices. The metrics are mobiles phones, tablets, and computers. The Device card lets users adjust bids by clicking on the bid adjustment note, which takes users to the screen where they can make changes.

Ad Scheduling

Moreover, Ad scheduling has been improved. By providing a chart with the schedule and play-by-play metrics broken down by day, Google has made the visualization of Ad scheduling a breeze.

Google will keep adding features to the new UI and expand it out to more users in the coming months.

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