Money Where Your Mouth Is: Google Review Extensions

Testimonials from clients are a powerful way to communicate the strengths and reliability of a business to potential consumers. Now, with the new Google Review Extensions, you can use this information to drive traffic and profits within the AdWords program.

Google AdWords’ Review Extensions allow you to include short (up to 67 characters), third-party reviews in your search ads, like this:

With Google Review Extensions, Samsung strengthened its search ad with a quote from TechCrunch.

Google Review Extensions: What Users Should Know

Over the past months, Google has been increasingly vigilant about providing legitimate reviews in its search results, and it’s no different with Review Extensions. The search engine will be qualifying each and every third-party review included in a search ad, whether it’s a direct quote or summary from a review.

In addition, the source (TechCrunch, in the above example) will need to link to the publisher’s website. Ideally, this URL will point to the actual review snippet.

Also, to participate in Google Review Extensions, advertisers will need to contact their AdWords representative.

Do you have a glowing review from a customer? Put it to work with Google’s new Review Extensions.

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