Mobile Search: The King of Conversions

“Half of mobile search conversions happen in one hour.”

That’s what the Google/Nielsen research from last month revealed, giving us even more evidence of why 2013 is the year to push your business into the mobile stratosphere of search.

The Magical 60 Minutes

There’s no other search platform – desktop, laptop or otherwise – that can compare to the rate of conversion achieved by mobile search.


Because smartphones and tablets have made it faster and more convenient for mobile users to move from the search results pages to the next step in the sales cycle.

Whether it be directly calling the business, visiting the store or – better yet – making the purchase, mobile-generated search has changed the rate at which consumers, well, consume.

Capitalize on Conversions

Now that we’ve seen the numbers, how can we ensure that our potential customers are able to easily and quickly take the next step?

Aside from getting a mobile-friendly site in the works (you’ve done that already, right?), it will be equally important to include these features:

  • List your business telephone number and address (and link it so all searchers have to do is click and let their phone do the dialing or mapping)

  • Set up e-commerce or let searchers know how they can make a purchase

  • Include links/icons to social media to make sharing information easier

  • List your website address (hello, traffic!)

  • Set up your business in Google Places so you can take advantage of Google Reviews (which are now listed in search results)

All of these make it a snap for searchers to start the process of conversion.

Turn Minutes into Money

There’s no denying that time is of the essence here. With these rates of conversion, mobile search is the place to be. And because most businesses haven’t taken the full-on leap to mobile, now is the perfect time for your business beat the competition.

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