3 Strategies to Make Your Business Brand More Personal

What defines your business? Is it your logo, your mission statement, your people?

In 2019, customers want a business brand to be more personal, more relatable.

Logos help people remember your brand, but they don’t communicate why they should do business with you.

Your people, however, can.

Where do you start to make your business brand more personal?

To make your business brand more personal, you can start with leadership.

Who in your organization can be the face of your brand? It might be the business owner, CEO, or someone else in a high-powered role.

This person is the main symbol of your business brand and represents how business gets done.

Over time, as people get more familiar with the face, they will recognize it as your brand.

This is how you begin to make your business brand more personal.

Here are a few strategies to entrench the face of your business into the minds of consumers.

The strategies

Guest Posting

Once you select the face of your business, it’s time to get them writing.

Publishing blog content on websites other than your own, but in the same niche or industry, gets your brand’s message out to your target audience who might not see it otherwise. It also helps your brand establish authority in your field, and it makes your brand feel more personal with content published by an individual.

To get started, do some research on industry-related websites where your audience spends time. You can make it less overwhelming at first by choosing just one site to publish on, and then adding more at a later date.

You might also consider having the face of your business be a guest on a relevant podcast where they can share insight. Or, how about starting their own podcast, if it makes sense?

Social Media

No matter what type of business you’re in, you probably have an audience on social media. This is a great space to introduce the face of your business, whether it’s sharing their guest posts (see above) or videos of interesting business-related topics.

What about having the face of your business take over your social media account for the day? If he or she attends a conference or speaks at a high-profile event, these are great opportunities for him or her to give people an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes, it can be entertaining, too!


To make your business brand feel more personal, have the face of your business host a webinar. This not only gets him or her in front of more people, but it also makes your business appear more human.

By broadcasting these online-only events for your audience, you can get closer to people who want to do business with you – and offer valuable information.

Webinars are also great opportunities to build trust and confidence in your brand, and you can gather insights about your customers while you’re at it.

Do you have a face for your brand?

If so, what other types of strategies have you found successful? Share with us in the comments!

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