LinkedIn’s Thought Leader Ads Give Brands New Ways to Stand Out

When Thought Leader Ads debuted on LinkedIn, they enabled brands to sponsor organic posts from any of its verified employees. Now, brands can sponsor content from any user, whether they’re an employee of the company or not. Here’s why it matters.

Bigger than the Brand

While it’s commonplace for brands to sponsor their own content, it’s less often you see them sponsoring the content of others. Yet, by doing so, brands communicate something beyond self-interest; they signal to readers their support of a meaningful topic or position that matters in the world. And that inherently feels bigger than branded content or marketing materials ever can.

Encourages Discussions

LinkedIn is a hotbed for discussions among professionals. By sponsoring an organic post with Thought Leader Ads, brands can stand out on LinkedIn with content that encourages discussion and thought-provoking contributions. Not only does this help brands get in front of a bigger audience, but it can also be a valuable opportunity to learn more about what matters to professionals in their industry—and those outside of it.

Engages Natural Curiosity

Chances are if you see a brand sponsoring content that’s not their own, you’re going to pay attention to it. It must be important and/or valuable enough if the brand is spending budget on it, right? The same inclination to engage will happen when your brand sponsors content of others with a Thought Leader Ad on LinkedIn. Readers will see the association and want to know why this content was chosen by your brand!

Builds Brand Credibility and Authority

By sponsoring content of other users on LinkedIn, brands can distinguish themselves as industry authorities. Showing readers your brand is “in the know” about the latest happenings and trends is important for maintaining equity across the platform. It also shows LinkedIn users you’re not just in it for your own success, but that you also support thought leaders and their contributions enough to share it with your audience.

Lead the Way with Thought Leader Ads

If you’re looking for a new way for your brand to stand out on LinkedIn, give thought leadership ads a try. It may just be the key to unlocking new opportunities with others in your industry, building credibility with your audience, and attracting new prospects with content that offers something of value.

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