The Magic of LinkedIn Message Ads for B2B

With multiple avenues to reach customers through social media, why spend your resources on LinkedIn Message Ads (formerly known as Sponsored InMail)?

True, Message Ads are the most expensive ad format on LinkedIn. Yet, with the right messaging and offer, this type of ad can be super productive for your brand.

In this article, we’re going to explore a few reasons why LinkedIn Message Ads can work magic for B2B brands and their audiences. Hopefully, this helps you determine if it’s worth a try.

Why We Recommend Message Ads

  • Stand Out vs. Blend In – It can be challenging to stand out in digital marketing, especially on social media. Message-style ads on LinkedIn, however, help you stand out in a crowded field: more than 1 in 2 prospects open a Message Ad on LinkedIn. If you compare that to open rates for email marketing, then returns are undeniably greater.

  • Highly Targeted – Whether you want to reach your audience with a content offer or free trial, LinkedIn allows you to target prospects by location, company, demographics, education, job experience, interests and traits, group membership, and skills. Compared to other ad platforms like Google and Bing, LinkedIn’s targeting is incredibly granular.

  • Personalized – In addition to targeting your ads to exactly the right audiences, Message Ads allow you to create something that feels more personal to recipients. That’s because you can include their information dynamically; that same targeting information can be used within the message itself. It’s a lot better than an icky, spammy feeling you can get from so many other areas online.

  • EffectiveAccording to B2BHouse, the average clickthrough rate for LinkedIn Message Ads is 3% with open rates at 30%, way above those for other types of ads on the platform.

  • Opportunities – With ads delivered via messages, you’re not limited to brand awareness. In fact, this ad type fits all the way from awareness through consideration and conversion. Here’s a look at how LinkedIn breaks it down:

Find Out if Message Ads are Right for You

If this sounds like something that could benefit you, but you want to see how it fits within your strategy, reach out. We are always excited to help brands learn, grow, and wildly succeed.

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