LinkedIn Document Ad Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns

Are you looking for a new way to build awareness on LinkedIn?

Or perhaps you want a different approach to nurture, or get more leads from, your key audience?

LinkedIn Document Ads can help you achieve all these goals with the option to share content freely or gate it with a lead gen form.

Here are a few examples of LinkedIn Document Ads and why they are effective:


Do you have reports you can share with your LinkedIn audience? Promote them with Document Ads to increase the reach of your content and gather leads you can nurture along the B2B journey.

This ad from GWI addresses exactly what its audience is interested in and provides a timely report with insights and trends that will be tempting to download. Once a user decides to download, LinkedIn makes it easy to get the document by populating some of the user’s information in the form—sending valuable lead information to the company.


What if you have a valuable article to help educate your LinkedIn audience? You can promote it with a LinkedIn Document Ad, too!

In this example, Adobe shares the content freely, so users can read the entire article without sharing their personal information or downloading anything (though there’s still the option to download the document from the ad). It’s a great strategy if you want to build awareness around your product or service to a specific audience.


What makes this Document Ad stand out? Not only does it show what the report cover looks like, but it also gives you a glimpse at key concepts and data you’ll find within the report. Plus, the addition of [Free Report] to the start of the ad copy is a great way to let users know what they can get by downloading and providing their personal information.

Like LinkedIn? Try Document Ads

If your audience spends time on LinkedIn, then Document Ads may be a smart strategy to reach them with educational and lead-generating content. Consider what you have to offer, including reports, articles, white papers, and case studies. Then, try promoting one of them to create more awareness, nurture an existing relationship, or increase leads.

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